Midget Scouse karaoke, drunken Santas and other strange phenomena

A quick update just to keep things ticking over after a very busy week. Last weekend saw a few of my old Spurs away crew gather in Liverpool for the first time in a few years for a weekend of self-indulgence ahead of the Everton game on the Sunday. It was thoroughly enjoyable, despite a fire alarm at 4.30am turfing us all out on the streets. Not what was required after a night eating and drinking in the Albert Dock, and not appreciated either by the 60+ members of the hen night who had partied hard and late at the hotel! The most surreal moment of the trip came when we found ourselves in a city centre karaoke pub surrounded by pissed Santas who’d just been on a fun run, listening to a midget sing a very rude version of Popeye The Sailor Man. Liverpool is a city you could not invent.

This week has provided the rich variety of finally getting around to painting the inside of the metal window frames at home – at the wrong time of year I know, but needs must; while also setting and marking end-of-term tests for my year one and two students. I also found myself called in to college at short notice earlier today to do a two-hour session for the Professional Footballers Association for players who, for one reason or another, are looking at careers outside the game and are interested in the media.

And I’ve just finished some initial research for a TV pitch I’m working up with an old colleague. Any TV people reading this are welcome to drop me a line for more details :-)

Tomorrow is the last day of term at LCC, with final marking and collection of test material. The day is bookended with my youngest son’s nativity play (he’s a shepherd) and a meal with my teaching colleagues from the convergence course at LCC. And then it’s a busy weekend, but I hope to post before long on Mirror exec Matt Kelly’s extremely interesting comments on search and journalism, plus good old Jeff Jarvis’s post “Is journalism storytelling?”

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